Donation Platform
Launches in Private Beta Donation Platform beta launch takes place on December 20th, 2022 and marks 300 days from the day Ukraine was attacked. On the mission to help the People of Ukraine, the team behind introduces innovative software solution to take human kindness and collaboration to new levels.
Taking inspiration from Blockchain driven evolution of Financial Technologies, integrates these cutting-edge practices to enhance collaboration between organizations, governments, artists, stars, influencers and everyday people.
YOUkrainian Donation Platform is an ecosystem of collaborative support, where every participant’s input is remembered and rewarded on the Blockchain. Our innovative approach lets the Donor select categories and projects they prefer to support. In return for this support, issues a Memorabilia Reward Token that the Donor can store, exchange or trade for digital art, goods, discounts and NFT’s provided by our government, corporate and private sponsors. solves another major industry pain point by applying our extensive experience in Financial Technologies by addressing Global Donation Acquiring and Processing. The underlying technology behind allows acceptance of fiat, digital assets and hundreds of crypto currencies. All acquired Donations undergo processing and all the collected donated assets are converted into the currency best fitted to support the charitable cause selected by the Donor.
Beta launch of YOUkrainian Donation Platform is focused on integration of additional functionality for improved collaboration with private and corporate sponsors, while our quality assurance team is polishing off user experience.
Public launch of is scheduled for Q1 and we hope that YOU will be a part of this (r)evolution of Charity, made possible by our software powered solution.

Article posted: December 19, 2022

Seeking Artists & Creators
to Help the People of Ukraine Donation Platform invites all Artists & Creators to join us on our mission to help the people of Ukraine. Our innovative approach to Charity empowers human kindness and unifies the opinions of influencers, organizations, governments, corporate sponsors and everyday people around a common cause.
YOUkrainian brings balance to the relationship between donors, non-profits and other organizations collecting donations for solving real time problems. As we tackle this challenge, we need modern creators – artists, musicians, athletes, influencers, public figures and those who aspire to build a better future for us and those who follow. You are the key factor and we need your star power to make this ecosystem strive and evolve into an engine of help for those who need it most. With your kindness, we can give something back to the donor other than a thank you message and placing them a mailing list for the next donation. remembers human kindness on the blockchain and donors receive tradeable YOUkrainian Memento Tokens (YOUA) in proportion to the donated amount. Some charitable categories are promoted by major brands, corporate and government sponsors, rewarding the donor with branded Sponsor Tokens. Collected Memento and Sponsor Tokens can be stored by the donor or traded for sponsored rewards on
Donate your art work and will maximize the expected value to support the charitable cause of your choosing. Your donation will be tokenized, or minted as an NFT and become redeemable on in exchange for Sponsor and Memento Tokens the donors receive for their donations. With a lot more to be said on this subject in another article, we want to add that ecosystem means that we also consider your kindness. and gets your art in front of millions of people sharing a common mission to help others. YOU will find a community of people who support the same charitable categories as you. With branded Creator pages, history of full/partial donations, assistance in minting and listing your Art as NFT’s, is the ultimate ecosystem to connect YOU with people who share your vision for helping others.
Built by people who care to make this world a better place to live. Now all we need is for others to join us, because together we can help the people of Ukraine and apply approach to help in every corner of the world.

Article posted: December 17, 2022