Mission Statement

YOUkrainian.org is much more than a Nonprofit Organization. YOUkrainian.org is a conceptual evolution and a modern day take on how Nonprofits & Charitable Organizations will interact with those kind enough to support their efforts.

YOUkrainian.org is a Donation Platform where YOU control the direction of your generosity and assignment of monetary assistance. While YOU decide where the help will be directed, YOUkrainian.org takes the steps to remember your kindness and reflects your support on the Blockchain.

YOUkrainian.org Donation Platform respects your beliefs and values by presenting multiple donation categories for YOU to choose from. YOU make the ultimate decision of where your charitable donations will be directed. YOU choose how your generosity will be applied towards helping the causes you believe in most.

In remembrance of your donation, YOUkrainian.org issues a redeemable Memento Token from our Donation Platform. Additionally, our partners, companies, brands, organizations and governments who share like-minded support for the category selected by YOU, show their gratitude for your assistance. They do this by sharing their unique Gratitude Token that you can store in your YOUkrainian.org account.

Tokens issued by YOUkrainian.org and our Partners, can be exchanged for a range of digital rewards in forms of NFT’s, loyalty perks and NFT-based discounts. YOUkrainian.org is the first Nonprofit Organization in history to give something valuable back to YOU, the donors.

Together, as individual donors, brands, artists, organizations, companies, governments we share a mutual goal, to help those in need. YOUkrainian.org combines individual efforts by supporting an ecosystem for collaboration to maximize our assistance. First place for the like-minded, where every participant is remembered for their kind deeds and rewarded on the Blockchain.

Our goal is to foster an environment where all of our interests are considered. Because united, we can make our world a better place to live for generations to come!

Posted: August 19, 2022